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All-Electric Jaguar I-Pace was officially launched in Lao PDR on 28th Aug 2021.

Our Silver Sponsor Jaguar Land Rover Laos hosted the launching event of its first all-electric performance SUV, Jaguar I-Pace at the National Convention Hall attended by H.E. Mr. Sinava Souphanouvong, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, the British Ambassador to Lao PDR together with distinguished guests.

I-Pace, an elegant and highly aerodynamic design for maximum stability is the newest member of Jaguar. The I-Pace concept represents a pioneering future in electric vehicles and evolves Jaguar’s distinctive design DNA into a new era for business to be more unique which will help support elegant and modern vehicle given positive impact to society.

Jaguar I-Pace is a zero emissions vehicle offers in a hi-tech package that sets new standards for electric vehicles. The I-Pace fast charge DC (100kW) takes 15 minutes which could drive up to 100KM while owner could achieve 80% battery charge in just 40 minutes.

Buy Jaguar I-Pace now, get free 8 years of battery warranty or 160,000 Km, free vehicle maintenance up to 8 years and 5 years warranty of the vehicle itself or 150,000 Km. Fully charge only cost 95.000 LAK means only 9.500 LAK/45 Km.

Since its first launching, I-Pace has been awarded more than 80 awards including world class vehicle award, and world green vehicle of the year.

The launching event this time includes mid-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle of Jaguar Land Rover to create new concept for the future as well as achieving the zero emissions goal by 2036.

Jaguar Land Rover has been working and trying hard to invest in terms of infrastructure and system training to build trust for customer. In addition, charging points will be available in VTE, Savannakhet, Pakse and Luangprabang as well.

For more information, please contact: 021 419310-5 or 020 58888197