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Our member, DFDL shared the edition of Q&A series focuses on real estate financing and loan securitization issues in the Lao PDR. Given the continuing global uncertainty and economic disruption caused by COVID-19, investors are increasingly concerned about their ability to secure, dispose or otherwise transfer assets that are often now subject to revamped or revised local rules and regulations. Many of these rules were introduced with the aim of shoring up liquidity in national banking and financial institutions, easing financial and debt repayment burdens on real estate sector stakeholders directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and providing relief to vulnerable sections of the population, as the global economy starts on the road to recovery. This concise Q&A edition will outline the key rules and regulations in the Lao PDR that foreign investors need to consider when seeking to register, enforce, perfect or transfer security rights over real estate assets they may hold and that may affect, hinder or help this process.

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